Some words about Music

It’s my opinion that to be a good guitarist you need 4 steps. They are Knowledge, Accuracy, Technique and Speed. These topics will help if you are an intermediate player. Many people believe that they could not be a guitar player. If you follow this material and give enough time with guitar you will be a good guitar player beyond your imagination. This material will specially help who are not gunnies but still want to play. But if you think you have enough talent like “Joe Satriane”,“Marty Friedman”, “Jason Baker”, “John Pettrochi”, “Steve Vai”, “Vinne Moore”, “Steve Moors”, “Eric Johnson” you don’t need to care anything, just take guitar and play two hours like our Hero’s are always doing. In this material, I’ve not invented anything but discover some different ways to understand the same thing. I’ve collected most of the information from others and it’s not possible to mention everyone’s name. Taking their idea I’ve come up with my own idea. Understanding the music theory will help you to play with an unique style. Because, then you know what’s going on. Go ahead. Playing Guitar is an ENFINITY. It’s your choice how far you like to go. You will never end up with complete satisfaction or such a feeling that you have played everything. This journey needs hard work, patience, money, lots of love and the burning desire to play such a wonderful instrument on Universe.