Home Studio

"Music is the art of thinking with sounds." -Jules Combarieu

Some words about Home Recording

It is almost dream for a musician to record his play and Jam with other instrument in Home. This can be done through Pro Studio or Practice pad but Computer and Digital technology brings a new door for musician.

Home recording studio technology makes it possible for a guitarist with some engineering and production skills to produce quality recordings at home. Yes, you no longer need to dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars to record your music in a professional studio. That said, the acoustics and quality of equipment in pro studios makes it much easier to capture good sound and produce quality mixes. You, like me, may not have the budget to afford the pro studio rates. So the question is... ... how do you create professional quality tracks in your home recording studio without a huge budget? The answer's not pretty... You learn all you need to know about music production. This includes topics such as room acoustics, microphone techniques, sound engineering, mixing and music programming. This will be an ongoing process though at first your goal should be to get the basics down so you can start to produce music. You then do research and planning before you design your home studio and decide which equipment you'll need to make your own music. Once you have your basic rig set up you need to learn to use it well and this means you must read the product manuals, experiment and practice until you know your studio. This process is a bit like driving where you first need to learn separate skills and then practice until you are able to integrate the skills and just drive. Your ability to use the equipment in your home recording studio will contribute most to the quality of the recordings you produce so don't let lack of expensive equipment get you down. Just make the best of what you can afford and upgrade as you can. You'll also find many other important factors apart from your production skills which will influence the quality of the recordings you track and the mixes you produce.